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Dr. Ashima Ahuja 


Meet Dr. Ashima Ahuja

Hi. I am Dr. Ashima Ahuja, but feel free to call me Dr. Ash, Dr. A., Ashima or even “Humming Dentist.” Thank you so much for visiting and please allow me to take a moment to introduce myself. 

Fifteen years ago I would have never dreamed that I would one day have a career that I loved, that I was passionate about, that I found fulfilling. But that is what dentistry is for me. It is my passion. And it is why I am so committed to the provision of the highest quality dental care – to all patients, all the time, by all practitioners and staff with compassion and sensitivity. It is also why I am sometimes found humming and singing while I work.

One of my favorite mentors Dr. Ira Bloom used to always say "Begin with the End in Mind." 

My vision for our patients is continue to grow together as a unit, provide high quality care and to strive to remove barriers that seem to get in the way when it comes to a patient’s ability to maintain a healthy smile. 

Our mission to exceed expectations by providing exceptional dental care to our patients and at the same time, building relationships of trust with them.


We, along with our amazing family of staff at Smile Daily Dentistry, look forward to getting to know you and your family.

What Patients Say About Our Modern Dentistry Services

Excellent patient care. Such a beautiful and clean office! Very friendly and caring ,the doctors are absolutely great and you immediately feel at ease under their care. Everything is explained and gone over in detail before any work is performed, so there are no surprises and you know exactly what to expect. I would definitely 100% recommend Smile daily dentistry to any and everyone that is in need of dental work. It's rare these days to find doctors that genuinely care about their patients and take the time to understand their needs and answer questions in detail. You will get great care here!

Antonio B.

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