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Emergency Dental Care

4229 Lafayette Center Dr

STE 1125 B-2 

Chantilly , Virginia - 20151


Meet our Team

Our Team
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24-Hour Emergency Care at Smile Daily Dentistry

Dr. Ashima Ahuja dentist that has a 24-hour emergency support center to call for any dental related emergency. The emergency clinic offers most general dental services that can help get you out of pain immediately vs. waiting for hours at a traditional emergency room. Some of the most common dental procedures include: tooth extractions, repairing broken or chipped teeth, root canals, fixing a broken or missing crown, fillings, and treating a dental abscess. Call our 24/7 patient care team to schedule a same-day appointment & receive the dental treatment needed today.

What to do in a Dental Emergency?​

During emergencies, dental or medical, the first rule is to keep calm. Focus on the problem at hand, contact your Dentist Dr. Ashima Ahuja, and know the first aid procedures that you could perform to address it while waiting for your appointment. We will always fit in an appointment to see you the same day for emergency dental treatment and are prepared for all manner of emergencies from toothache through to extraction of a badly infected tooth. In fact we can carry out any kind of procedure right here at our clinic.

No Insurance? Its Ok. We can Still Help.

Patients that have no insurance and don’t have extra cash to pay for an emergency treatment can use our Emergency Dental Care Plan & get reduced rates (20%-60% savings) on common dental procedures and preventative care immediately. Patients can also apply for a line of credit to help pay for emergency dental services.

  • Save 20%-60% on emergencies

  • Get an instant approval

  • Covers all dental expenses


Why Emergency Dentist?

When you need a dentist ASAP and can't wait weeks or even days for an appointment, EDS—Emergency Dental Service—is the top resource to get you the care you need, when you need it. Our patient care team partners with local dentists throughout the US that offer weekend and off-peak hours for emergency appointments.

Severe, lasting toothaches or other tooth pain
A knocked-out tooth
A chipped or broken tooth
Damage to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the tongue, cheeks, lips, and gums
A cracked or fractured tooth
A partially knocked-out (extruded) tooth
A lost dental restoration, such as a lost filling or crown

What Patients Say About Our Modern Dentistry Services

Dr Ash is an amazing dentist. Pure professional at her core but friendly and warm makes the over all experience amazing and would recommend her 100%. She was also wonderful with my children. I highly recommend you schedule a appointment and see Dr Ash today.

— Connor W.

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